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Authentic Greek stone workUnlock the secrets to weight loss with Angie Lund

Unlock the Secrets to Weight Loss Success!


Learn how to lose weight, release fat, and get healthy! Find out what makes this weight loss program different and why you don’t need to starve yourself. Learn how to create the life and body you desire and why the traditional out-dated “diets are literally self-sabotaging your success.

Lets start with asking a few simple questions…

  1. Are you frustrated with trying program after program only to end right back where you started?
  2. Are you tired of counting calories and trying to maintain a “perfect” diet plan in order to lose weight?
  3. Have you been hard at it for months (even years) without seeing any real, significant weight loss results?
  4. Are you fed up with being out of shape and feeling like your outside doesn’t match the inside?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you need to pay very careful attention to every word in this letter because this may be the most important message you’ll ever read!

You see, the odds are very good that you’re banging your head against a wall right now trying to lose weight and get healthy. Just imagine what things would be like for you…

  • If you were confident enough to live the full life you have always wanted, enjoying great foods and having more energy than ever.
  • If instead of being caught in a body you do not feel represents you, you could have the body you know matches who you are?
  • If you woke up every morning, looking better and feeling more in control of your life?
  • If you had people come up to you and say: “Wow, you look amazing! What are you doing?”

What would that be worth to your self-esteem? Wouldn’t that dramatically accelerate your weight loss results? You bet it would! And all it takes is a simple shift in the way you think about yourself, your health, and your power.

Let me share with you what happened to me after I experienced this exact change with my wellness clients.

My name is Angie Lund and I have been coaching for over 20 years, helping people meet many different goals. Over the last couple of years I have strictly coached clients trying to lose weight. This area was of particular interest to me as I myself had searched for the best methods of weight loss and keeping it off for years. I have tried more “diet” programs than I care to think about. You name it, I’ve done it! I soon figured out that nearly everything I had been doing all those years was a complete waste of time and energy.

I have seen countless clients start weight loss programs and fail until they worked with me on this program and saw significant results. I know the power behind this weight loss program as I have experienced it personally and have seen the physical difference in my clients.

Once things started to click I finally “got it.” I had set goals and succeed all my life but for some reason I did not use the same process when I was setting goals for my personal health. What I learned is that all goals are essentially the same process of steps. And, aligning with those steps will lead to success. But in weight loss and health it didn’t seem to be that way. It felt more like willpower than joy when moving through the process of reaching my goal.

What I will teach you is that you MUST understand your power to create the body you desire and be in joy while on your journey to weight loss. That being out of joy will not create the results you desire. Joy is ESSENTIAL!

But how do you stay in joy when you are starving yourself trying to lose weight? YOU DON’T, that is why this weight loss program is different. No starving here. No need for perfection, just simple steps to enhance your life and keep you on the path to meet your dream of a healthier body.

unlocking the secrets to weight loss!


But, how do you begin?


Over the last few years there has been buzz on a movie called “The Secret”. This is a great movie about the Law of Attraction which states that which we concentrate on and think about will come to be. It is the concept that “thoughts become things” and if you visualize what you want, feel the emotions that surround getting what you want, and are open to receive it, you will get it. The concept has been around for centuries and many books have been written on the Law of Attraction. I first came across it about 15 years ago and have since followed these principals while coaching and in my personal life with great success.

I am thrilled that the movie created buzz around the topic of the Law of Attraction HOWEVER…there is a VERY important element that I do not feel is emphasized enough in this movement to “attract” what you want into your life, an essential element that will make a substantial difference. The element of INSPIRED ACTION! You can visualize all you want, you can be inspired and motivated…but the fact is that without action, you will not get where you want to go. Action is an essential piece that will help you actualize your dreams.

So be clear about what you want when you launch your desire. Do you want to be healthy or do you want to be thin. What is your “big picture” desire? Do you want both? You can have them both, you can have whatever you want! Think about the feelings you will experience once you reach your goal, because this is ultimately what you want, not necessarily the “thing” itself. You want to FEEL a certain way and your desire for the “thing” is the way you believe you will get to those feelings. For example, you want to be thin and lose weight. Why do you want to be thin? How will you feel when you get thin? What will you be able to do that you can’t do now? Picture yourself the way you want to be for a moment. Sit in that visualization and think about how you feel. Then, finish this sentence, “I feel _________________.” Now that is what you are ultimately working towards. If you believe you need to get thin to achieve this feeling then that is the path you will take. You will be inspired to do lose weight or do certain things that will ultimately bring this desire to fruition.

After you are clear about what it is you desire (we will work on that in the activities in the book) the next step is to move your feet towards your desire expecting that you will receive it, knowing you will accomplish this and creating your life the way you expect it to be. It does no good to desire something that you do not expect to get. It is wasteful of your time and energy to desire something but never truly believe it will show up in your life. And you have probably done this countless times, knowing exactly what you want but never truly believing you will get it, so you never do. I will teach you how to actually beleive it!

Along the path to actualizing your desire you will be inspired to take action steps. Keep your eyes open for these opportunities. Taking this action along with asking for what you desire and expecting you will get it, will ultimately bring about the life you desire. As long as you are open to receiving it.

There are three main parts to the Law of Attraction, the first is sending out the desire with intense feeling attached to what it is you want. The second is the expectation that you will receive the desire you sent out. Part three is being open to receive what you desire and following inspired action, the action you feel compelled to take out of a place of joy. However, it is important to know that action cannot take the place of inappropriate thought. It must go in that order. I will teach you how to create the thoughts that will bring about what you desire into the next few chapters. Here they are again:

  1. Send out desire – Ask.
  2. Expect and believe you will receive. TRUST
  3. Receive and take inspired action


unlocking the secrets to weight loss!

In my E – Book I will help you understand and work the Law of Attraction as they are implemented into the strategies for change with activities that really get you to think about your personal approach to wellness.

You see, I have helped my clients reach their goals much, much sooner and with greater success than ever before by teaching them this secret. You need to look at you. You must see your power!

You have to learn how to create the life you desire. You have to get clear about what you want and spend time on it every day. You have to reprogram the way you think about yourself and your future. You have to expect success before you will get it. You must address your red flags, your triggers and create new alternatives. You have to learn the science behind how your body reacts to food so you can choose healthier alternatives and take control of your health. You probably don’t know.

Your body is being chemically driven to crave sugars and carbohydrates and that simply changing your approach to food will get you off the sugar roller-coaster that is causing you to hold onto fat, crave sugary foods, and feel moody and tired.

No amount of willpower will help when your body is being chemically driven to eat. This is the problem with the typical American diet (and when I say “diet,” I mean the way we eat). You probably start this rollercoaster ride the first time you eat during the day. You choose foods that spike your blood sugar. An hour or so later your blood sugar drops drastically you feel tired, crabby, and even sometimes shaky and weak. So, your body goes into “emergency mode” chemically craving high carb and sugary foods to bring your blood sugar back up. So you satisfy it by running to the vending machine and grabbing whatever “looks” good at the moment. You eat chips or candy, or drink juice, or sodas which sends your blood sugar soaring again and hour or so later your blood sugar drops and goes back into emergency mode. The rollercoaster continues. This is why so many Americans are fat and unhealthy!

Don’t believe me, just look at the stats.

According to USA Today obesity is classified as a worldwide epidemic. Check out these alarming facts:

  1. Less than one-third of U.S. adults are at a healthy weight. All adults: 65.4 million (32.3%), Women: 38.1 million (36.1%) Men: 27.4 million (28.3%)
  2. 67% of North Americans are overweight or obese.
    • In 2015, those numbers will change to 75% of adults and 24% of children
    • In 2007, 33% of Army’s applicants were overweight – even the army is looking for ways to implement healthier lifestyles. But we’ll talk more about this later.
  3. 33% children will get Type II Diabetes. The preventable kind. This use to be called Adult Onset Diabetes but we are seeing children younger and younger getting this disease. This is a staggering statistic.
    • That statistic rises to 50% if you’re African American or Hispanic
  4. 75% of adults 65 years and older will get a degenerative disease and 50% of them will get two. Chronic degenerative diseases are on the rise. It is a major issue for our culture at large.

Obesity chartSource: CDC/NCHS, Health, United States, 2006

It’s plain as day to anyone who’s willing to take a glance that something is wrong in our culture. It is time to change it; time to empower yourself to take control, be healthy and lose weight. Take action so that you can be around for your family and to teach your children better so they will not become FAT adults with ill health like the trends in our culture show.


Why is this important?
Do you want your children to have the same struggles you do? Probably not, but you are their example. How you eat and take care of yourself will be a direct reflection on how they live and move forward in life. You MUST practice a healthy lifestyle if you want your children to lead healthy lives. The buck stops here. At you! You buy the food for your family. You choose what goes in your cupboards and refrigerator. It is your responsibility to chose better for yourself and your own health but also to model health for your family.


This is NOT a Diet!

1/3 of Americans are on a diet trying to lose weight and 1/3 are trying to maintain weight loss. However, I have already discussed that this is NOT a diet, at least not in the traditional sense. It is instead a lifestyle change that will ultimately help you get healthy forever. It addresses what other weight loss programs fail to address.

Where do other weight loss programs fail?

I personally believe that other weight loss programs fail to address a few essential elements that are the key factors in successfully keeping weight off forever and getting true health for life.

  1. They do not get at the heart of you, identifying your values and passions.
  2. They do not address the power your thoughts have in creating your own life and health.
  3. They do not teach you how to take the necessary steps in achieving a goal (any goal).
  4. They do not address the “real” reason’s you hold onto fat in the first place.
  5. They try to be quick fixes rather than lifestyle options.
  6. And, they often fail to teach the science behind what happens in your body when you eat and the importance of cellular nutrition that will support you in reaching optimal health.
It is time for real change! It is time to Attract Health!
unlocking the secrets to weight loss!
Tired of being tired? Sick of being sick? There is a better way! It is time to grab hold of your life and start moving towards a healthier you now and start to lose weight!!! Here’s how…


As mentioned, this is not a “diet” program in its most popular form, because frankly, I am sure you have enough of them to create your own library. And let me ask you this, have they worked?

I am a health and wellness coach and personal trainer who has worked with numbers of people who are tired of where they are at but have no idea how to get to where they want to be. I have also worked with those who know exactly where they want to be and what they need to do but have no motivation to get there. This is not a diet, it is a life changing program that once you fully embrace the principles, it will not only change your body but it will change your life. You will never look at your health in the same way. You will take responsibility for where you are and where you go.


Is It Easy to Lose Weight?

Is it easy to lose weight? I could lie to you and say YES. I could do what a lot of weight loss programs do and try to convince you that it will be simple and take no time at all. However, I am not in the business of lying to anyone. I am however invested in helping as many people as I can, get healthy! If it was easy to be healthy, everyone would be. But obviously that is not the case. We live in a culture that is very unhealthy. It is the “normal” in our society to have poor health. So my goal for you is not to be “normal” but to be optimal.

This is not a quick fix. How many diet and weight loss programs have you been on that made outrageous promises? Lose 10 pounds in 5 days, etc. so you try it, only to gain that weight back plus more? Studies have shown that 99% of those who lose weight on traditional “diets” gain back all their weight within two years with many even putting on additional weight in the process.

Does that make you frustrated and angry? Well, you won’t hear lies here, just the plain truth. I will tell you how it is and if you decide that YOU are important enough to spend some time on, you will put in the effort and see the results. I will not give you empty promises; just good advice and healthy suggestions to help you lose weight. If you embrace and spend time on them you should see improved health and your body should release fat naturally. If you don’t see results, then you simply haven’t followed the program.

If you follow the weight loss program it will be easier than you think. I have provided a step by step approach to help you meet your goals. It has worked with countless people and it will work with you too, if you follow it. It took years to get out of shape. Weight loss does not happen overnight, your body stuck with you and tried to fight back when you were young and beating it up with bad food and lifestyle choices. But your body got tired of fighting. It finally gave in. You now need to reverse what you have done.


It may not be easy but, is it achievable?

Absolutely! Hundreds of people have seen incredible results using these methods. But you have to stick with it if you want to lose weight. Consistency is the key! As mentioned before, you did not get unhealthy over night. It took years. And you will not get healthy overnight either. But in time you will. So start today! As a coach, I know that it takes approximately 3 months to break old habits and create new ones. So wrap your brain around that time frame for a good start. After that it will be maintaining the new habits through constant practice and at times perseverance when the old habit wants to sneak back in. My goal for you is to lose weight and create a healthy LIFE, not a healthy season, or year, but I want you to be well always, to have a healthy life free from disease and a life full of possibilities.


What are we going to do?

First of all I said “DO”, not “read”…action is a very important element here. No amount of education, motivation or inspiration takes the place of action but when they are all coupled together incredible things happen.

In this program I am going to give you a clear and concise way to get to where you want to be in health and wellness. What I will lay in front of you are simply tools that I have exercised with my clients that have helped them lose weight, and that have led to success. I will supply the tools, the education, motivation, and inspiration to aid in your journey to lose weight, but then you must give something back. You MUST supply the action.


So, no more excuses. It is time! No more putting it off. No more I’ll start tomorrow. The future is NOW…so let’s begin! But, how?


When is it the “PERFECT” time?

You have known for quite some time that you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. You wake feeling tired, depressed, and wanting more out of life. You are tired of being tired and sick of being sick! You know what you need to do but for some reason you keep putting it off, waiting for a “quick fix” to present itself or the “perfect time”. But the reality is that the perfect time is NOW. If you wait for “the perfect time”, it will never present itself. There will always be things that get in your way. You can always find excuses and build those walls. So choose to lose weight now. If you don’t you risk looking back in 3 months and saying, “I could be so much further ahead if I only would have started back then!”

The word “perfect” matter of fact is one of the biggest sabotaging words on your way to optimal health. This is precisely why so many people fail. If you start a weight loss program and are not perfect every day, you soon beat yourself up and your self-esteem suffers to the point that you believe you can’t do it anyway, so why try?

This weight loss program is NOT about being PERFECT! It is about doing your best each day to be healthy. It is about BALANCE. You will have those days that you eat more than you like, or miss your exercise class. Maybe you go on a vacation and want to “treat” yourself (although I strongly request that you treat yourself with things other than FOOD!). It does not matter, whatever the excuse, periodic days like this WILL NOT stop you from getting healthy. But what WILL stop you is if you let these periodic episodes become the norm. If you go back to your old habits just because you were not “perfect”, you WILL FAIL. You will only fail if you quit.

You WILL NOT FAIL if you educate yourself about a healthy lifestyle, if you try your best each day, each meal, and each snack to choose the best possible foods available. If you get up and move as a habit, rather than choose a sedentary lifestyle. You will not fail if you stick with it, persevere and make a commitment to yourself to succeed. Let me state this again…this is NOT meant to be a program for a month or three months, the idea is to embrace these principals and do this for the rest of your life!


There are 2 parts to getting healthy…

In Part I of theE-Book will work on YOU! It will help you decide what it is you truly want. It is your time for reflection. DO NOT SKIP TO PART II without doing Part I. This is where so many people go wrong. They put the cart before the horse. They work on the solution (the food choices) without analyzing why there was a problem in the first place (with our habits and behaviors). SO, do yourself a favor and really look at yourself first. This will give you a strong foundation to move forward to Part II.

In Part II I will explain the premise of healthy living: low-glycemic eating (notice it is NOT low fat, low carb, or low protein – that is a big misconception, there is not an unhealthy food group just unhealthy foods choices that you will learn to steer clear of), exercise and supplementation. I will make the connection for you as to why you are holding onto more weight as you get older. Why it is probably being held around the middle, and what you can do to start creating a natural weight loss process where your body releases fat naturally as you stabilize your blood sugar levels and beat those carb/sugar cravings.


Want MORE…this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is more…get the, “Unlock the Secrets to Weight Loss Success” full E-Book Program:
Unlock the secrets to weight loss
For only $29.95 you can begin changing your life with the complete program that will teach you in detail how to get healthy forever!


Here is what the FULL E-Book Program has to offer.


Part 1: Begin With YOU!


Chapter 1: Who are you?

Do you really know who you are? Have you ever really sat down and figured out what your true values or passions are, what moves you? Finding out what is important to you is essential when you are moving towards any goal. The reason so many people do not succeed at reaching their goal is because what they are doing is not in alignment with who they are. So let’s figure this out first through a series of questions.

Chapter 2: Choose and ASK

Life is about Choice, NOT Chance…you have the power to take control of your life and change whatever it is you want. What happens NOW is your choice…you can let life “happen” or you can choose to make it work for you. You can create your life deliberately no by default. I’ll teach you how to get clear and choose what it is you most desire.

Chapter 3: Visualize and FEEL the E-motions

You will have made the decision about what it is that you desire in chapter 2. You are clear about it. I will then teach you what to do next and why taking time everyday to visualize meeting this goal is essential. I will teach you how to visualize and how to create supporting statements as you visualize that put you in the place of already accomplishing this goal. There is a special way to do this. I’ll teach you how to make sure you are asking for and visualizing what it is you want rather than inadvertently attracting what you don’t.

Chapter 4: Set Your Goal

You need to own and understand that you are the creator of your life. You have free will to make any choice you want. Knowing this now, you can choose better for yourself. You CAN have the life you desire. You have to take responsibility for the role you play ….once you understand your responsible for your choices and behaviors; you can increase your response – ability…the ability to respond from a better place of power and awareness. Once you understand this responsibility, you are ready to move onto the next step: The goal process. A step by step analysis of how you plan to reach your goal. You will break it down into manageable tasks, week by week and day by day. You will set a goal for the week and hold yourself accountable for reaching it. In the program I will take you through the steps of your goal process so that it is a clear path for success.

Chapter 5: Have Faith – Believe in Yourself!

Having faith and trusting that you will meet your goal is one of the most difficult steps of the process. You want change but you are not convinced you can. So you get in your own way and keep doing the same things over and over again expecting it to be different this time. You MUST change the patterns of behaviors and thoughts that put you in this unhealthy state to begin with. You have many behaviors and thoughts that created this state you are in. You must change these poor habits, because once you do, you take away the power of the old habit, and it becomes useless. I will have you ask yourself a series of questions that will help you set this in action.

Chapter 6: Focus on the Prize

Now it will be important to stay focused on the goal and to keep moving even during the most challenging times. However, do not just focus on the goal itself. If only reaching the goal is important what will keep you there for life? If you are trying to lose weight, what will keep it off forever? Instead of focusing on the goal itself, focus on the prize. I will teach you how to get in touch with your “prize” and why this is important to stay focused.

Chapter 7: Awareness

You MUST be aware of your personal power by being aware of the power of your thoughts. You have about 60,000 thoughts a day and many of them are unconscious…I want you to connect with the thoughts that are creating negative things in your life, the ones creating the lifestyle you do not want… so you can turn them around into positive thoughts, ones of power and faith. As soon as a negative thought enters, you must replace it with a positive one. Pay attention and engage with that which you want. I’ll teach you how to Identify, Clarify, and Move On in a more powerful way!


Part 2: The Action Steps to Success!


Chapter 8: Nutrition – You are what you eat!

I will teach you how the science behind what you eat affects your overall health. I will teach you why your body craves certain foods and stores fat. I will teach you how to interrupt these uncontrollable urges and the stop the rollercoaster ride. You will begin to understand the science behind what you eat and how 1 poor choice can set your roller coaster ride in motion but you can stop the ride as well. I’ll teach you how.

Chapter 9: Cellular Nutrition

The cell is the building block of all life. You started from one cell, multiplied to trillions and your body is constantly regenerating new cells every second of every day. All health and all disease begin in the cell. The health of your body then, begins in the cell. You need to nourish your cells and create health in each cell from the time it is born. It is essential to create health in the cell first if you want to be healthy forever. I will show how getting the nutrients your body needs will help your health drastically.

Chapter 10: The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is an essential element in a healthy lifestyle! Many would love to deny this truth or push it aside but our bodies were made to move. I will tell you how much exercise is ideal and what each session should include. I will also show you what you get from a healthy exercise regime and give you a list of many different exercises and how many calories they burn.

INCLUDED FREE: Success Tip Sheet


Following the program you will get a 1 page Tip Sheet. Print this off and keep it on your refrigerator or someplace you will see it often. It will be a quick look at what you can do to stay healthy everyday!

It is now up to you…WHAT WILL YOU DO?

Will you take this information and store it away? OR…WILL YOU DO SOMETHING??? You have the tool right here in front of you! First, you will look at yourself and get clear about what you want. You will find out the importance of making balanced food choices and understand that cellular nutrition supports you in this healthy lifestyle. And finally, you will discover that it will not happen without moving your body. Good Luck and remember I want to support you as you start…


unlock the secrets to weight loss

ONLY $29.95…An Amazing value!

I WANT you to succeed! I want more than anything to get you healthy. NOW get moving…do not delay, if you do you risk not doing it at all…ORDER NOW and we’ll begin!


My Personal 100% Money-Back Guarantee
100% money back guarantee

I want you to be as confident my system will work for you as I am and many of my clients are.

If this is not straight-forward and valuable information or if my strategies don’t help you get the results you want for your health within 90 days… please, let me know so I can immediately buy it back from you. If this material doesn’t absolutely help you get in touch with who you are and what you desire I don’t want your money.

Just let me know anytime within 90 days and you’ll get a complete, fast, no-hassle refund. Simple as that. You don’t even have to have a reason. No questions asked.

Here’s the best part: As my way of saying “thanks for giving it a try,” everything you paid for is yours to keep no matter what.

That’s how confident I am in this material. I know that you’ve never seen anything like this before and once you get your hands on this stuff, you won’t look back.

Fair enough?

So how much for all this? If you haven’t seen yet, it is ONLY $29.95
You get the interactive E- BOOK “Unlock the Secrets to Weight Loss Success” program and the One of a kind Tip Sheet all for $29.95!

The truth is this information is more valuable than all the “diets” or “programs” you’ll ever do.

How much do all those run you? How many diet books have you purchased that sit on your shelf? Opened once, read for a minute, and then pushed aside because it was just too difficult to follow. How many programs have you joined and bought their food only to quit and gain it back?

I’ve been through all that with many of my clients and I know they would trade all those diet books for this information in a heartbeat. How do I know this? Because this was successful for them and the other things weren’t!

Just click below to order now!


unlock the secrets to weight loss

And… you can have all of this powerful information in your hands within 2 minutes and immediately begin implementing what you learn. The next move is yours. As author Jose Silva said, “Success is not for the timid. It is for those that seek guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action.”

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 94 reviews